Asking for advice. World Health Forum on Aging 2003

Tim timothytn at
Wed Mar 26 14:30:04 EST 2003

Hi Jeff, 
> Orrin Hatch can probably be persuaded by arguments
> along these lines, since he's argued in favor of keeping
> people alive himself.  _Nothing_ will persuade Leon Kass,
> who views enforced death on a rigid schedule, over the
> objections of the people dying, as a desirable outcome.
Unfortunately Mr. Kass seems to be a modern day Jeremiah, warning of
the destruction of civilization due to immorality and wickedness.
Unfortunately as well, he has made the mistake and in fact backed evil
i.e., suffering and death.
Actually the parallels between George Bush and Nebuchadnezzar II are
rather striking. He succeeded his father, attacked other nations and
destroyed cities
with little pretext, concerned with security of his nation he built
great walls
around Babylon and was extremely religious. Daniel, a prophet and
advisor to
Nebuchadnezzar showed him the handwriting on the wall, Mene Mene,
Upharsin, that predicted punishment for his hubris. As a prophet for
President Bush, Mr. Kass would do well to make the commission one
really on bioethics and address issues like is it O.K. to lower
pollution standards and clean water regulations, ignore international
accords on ethics and the environment, allow a large percentage of
Americans to be without healthcare ,and violate civil liberties?

"I worshiped his lordship. In his high trust to far off lands, a road
of hardships I pursued, and the unyielding I reduced. I fettered the
rebels. The land I ordered aright and the people I made to thrive, bad
and good among the people I removed (deported,imprisoned or killed)."
                          Inscription from Nebuchadnezzar's tomb


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