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Tue Apr 6 06:03:02 EST 2004

The Methuselah Foundation have launched their latest initiative this
week. You can now show your support for serious efforts to extend the
healthy human life span by joining The Three Hundred:


For the price of a cup of coffee per day, would you like to join a
select group of humanitarians who will be remembered for their vision
and saving millions of lives?

Modern medical science continues to show us that the aging process may
no longer be the intractable problem it has been perceived to be for
every generation preceding ours. There is a present need to move
faster towards a previously unattainable goal: the control of aging.
This need for more rapid medical progess is only magnified by the
current profound lack of funding for aging research. Funding springs,
at root, from widespread public awareness of advances and
possibilities in aging research. Educating the public is an essential
step in moving philanthropists and governments to allocate more
resources to the study of aging. The problems caused by aging leave us
poor in body, spirit, and finances. We must step forward to tackle

The Methuselah Mouse Prize is working hard to build public interest
and has had some considerable success, raising almost $50,000 in cash
since its recent launch. Encouraged by these results and knowing that
the size of the fund is directly related to its effectiveness as a
publicity tool, we have decided to push forward with a new fundraising
project that we feel will fit the circumstance. You might be
interested in this new initiative.

We call it "The Three Hundred" ... themed from history and limited to
that number of participants. These individuals (or organizations) see
the potential of the Prize and believe that aging can be defeated.
Members of The Three Hundred have made a commitment to creating a
better future, one in which the suffering caused by aging is greatly
diminished or banished entirely. The unique foresight shared by The
Three Hundred at this early stage in aging research will be remembered
- they grasped the ring, heard the call and took action when the
opportunity first presented itself. The efforts of the Three Hundred
will be remembered, like those of their historical counterparts, far
into the future.

The existence of The Three Hundred resonates with those who feel the
injustice of the aging process, people who welcome the first serious
attempts in human history to fight aging and win. Nine enthusiastic
individuals have signed up before we could even make the announcement
public. Please visit the following website and read about The Three

The control of aging is forseeable. Science provides the tools,
researchers provide the labour, The Mouse Prize will provide the
funding. Please consider joining our effort to create a better,
longer, healthier future.

Dave Gobel 

Aubrey de Grey 
Chief Scientist 

The Methuselah Foundation 

What's it worth to you to live 150 healthy years? What's it worth to
you to raise the average human lifespan to 150 years, just as a start?
These are not idle questions! Membership of The Three Hundred is a
meaningful, but affordable commitment: $1,000 a year, by the end of
each year, for 25 years. This amounts to $85 a month or $2.75 a day,
the equivalent of a visit to Starbucks.

The Three Hundred is a classical concept, based on a battle that saved
the future of Western Civilization: Thermopylae. In 480 B.C., 300
Spartan warriors fought against incredible odds to gain time for the
rest of Greece to mobilize against the Persian hordes. Without the
delaying action fought at the narrow pass of Thermopylae, the
achievements of Greece and our culture as we know it would have been
swept away.

The Methuselah Foundation is asking you to follow in the footsteps of
this noble Three Hundred, not to risk your lives, but to provide some
of your treasure so that we can all live ... and live ... and live.
You will help to win time for the human species to beat back an enemy
far more dangerous than the ancient Persians: the Grim Reaper himself.

The Three Hundred - a group strictly limited to 300 members - will
live on in history, as the Three Hundred of Thermopylae are remembered
even to this day. You can be one of them. The names of the 300
Spartans who fought at Thermopylae were engraved on a stone tablet in
Sparta that was still legible seven centuries later. A momument stands
to this day to pay homage to their sacrifice. In lending your name to
this enterprise, you will be remembered for as long as the human race

We have reached a potential tipping point in human history: a time in
which the quest to extend the healthy human life span can be taken
seriously and extensive resources devoted to understand and defeat the
aging process. The pledges of the Three Hundred will help further
large sums to be raised for Foundation projects such as the Methuselah
Mouse Prize for anti-aging research.

I am a member of the Three Hundred, and I have put my money where my
mouth is. To become one of the Three Hundred is to take the
initiative, to recognize that our contributions will make an
ever-growing difference to the future of medical research, health and
longevity. We are the rainmakers; the pebbles who trigger the
avalanche; the first to heed the call. By our actions, we lead the way
and will long be remembered for it.

Think deeply, follow my lead, and join the Three Hundred. Take part in
the fight to cure aging!

Founder, Longevity Meme
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