International Longevity Symposium

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Recently we have returned from a very interesting scientific meeting:

-- the International Longevity Symposium,

which was held in Orlando, Florida on January 12-14, 2005.

The program of this Symposium included 26 presentations of leading 
researchers from 12 countries (England, Canada,
Germany, India, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, Philippines, China, 
Japan, and the United States), see:

We would like to share with you our two presentations made at this 
International Longevity Symposium:

"Search for Predictors of Exceptional Human Longevity:
Using Computerized Genealogies and Internet Resources for Human Longevity 

Full text available at:

Power-point presentation:

This presentation is also available in the form of "SOA504" cassette at:

Invited discussion of the paper:
"IDL, the International Database on Longevity"

Power-point presentation:

This presentation is also available in the form of "SOA508" cassette at:

Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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