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Thu May 12 07:44:01 EST 2005

Age Retardation:

I have initiated a novel aging combat procedure. In this project,
taking place
in Greifswald University, Germany, we use gene transfer of key
antiaging genes,
in order to prolong the maximal life span of mice
significantly.Parallel we aim at achieving a betterment of physical
conditions. The results may be even extrapolated to higher mammals
like apes. We have let the mice "sitting", until senility, before we
started the injection of our specially designed vector. In our first
scanning pilot I, we have, in spite of the senility, encountered no
toxicity of any kind (we used 50 µg per inject per gene) on the other
hand the life span curves show somewhat encouraging trends (private
comm. to be released in 2005).
Our team, among others, consists also of some top scientists:
1.    Prof. Reinhard Walther, chief investigator Dep. of Molecular
      at the University of Greifswald, the project takes place in his
      AD: Klinikum, Sauerbruchstraße, 17487Greifswald, Germany.
      Email: rwalther at
2.    Prof. Nancy Templeton, 
      Ad: Baylor Institute, Dep. of Gene Therapy, 
      1 Baylor Plaza, B.C.M., 505, Alkek Building, Houston, Texas,
77030, USA.
      Email: nancyt at
3.    Prof. David Gershon, reknown age research specialist
      Ad: N.Y. 10032, Redox coop. 3960 Broadway, USA
      Email: dgershon at
4.    Dr. Peter Nielsen, Max-Planck-Institute of Freiburg, 
      Germany, Dep. Immunobiology
      Ad: Stübe Weg 51, 79108 Freiburg.
      Email: nielsen at
5.    Myself, Dr. Valentin Strauss, Aging specialist, Munich, Germany.
      Ad: V. Strauss, Schleissheimer Straße 188, Age Genetics, 80797
      Email: vstraussbioch at
Apart from Prof. Walthers grant going to his institute, I am in need
of a generous flat-rate grant of medium size, since I have additional
important ideas for our project.Of course if you are positively
inclined, many private details of the project will be revealed by me
and all letters of recommendation for this project will be attached,
so please contact me.

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