Type nomeclature and rules

Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at actrix.gen.nz
Tue Dec 12 03:47:31 EST 1995

Gordon Paterson writes:
> ...in marine systems species tend to be widespread and variable in
> occurrence in time and space so the type locality has less relevance.
Widespread or ill-diagnosed? For polychaetes the evidence is the latter is 
often the case. In which case type locality might be crucial.
> ... A further point about type localities is that if you nominate
> syntypes, instead of a holotype, from a across the biogeographic range it 
> gets away from the problems of fixating on a type locality. 
Correct me if I've overlooked something but that appears to be frowned upon in
ICZN-3. "Recommendation 73A. An author who establishes a new nominal
species-group taxon should clearly designate its *holotype*." In addition any
author can subsequently designate one of those biogeographical syntypes as the
lectotype with a type locality.  

There is a lovely subsection on type localities which is apropos on
wandering polychaetes though it might be stretching the intention were it
applied to an established colonising species:

"If captured or collected after being transported by boat, ... , the type 
locality is the place from which the name-bearing type, or its wild 
progenitor, began its unnatural journey."

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