ANNELIDA welcome and introduction

Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at
Fri Nov 17 18:20:06 EST 1995

ANNELIDA pioneers,
I'm delighted to welcome you again to ANNELIDA list.
If any of the information in the BIOSCI handouts is confusing to you then 
DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! The USENET newsgroup connection will not be available 
until six months has elapsed so doesn't concern us for the moment.
For now all that has happened is that you are subscribed to an automatic e- 
mail list called ANNELIDA. You send public messages to your colleagues via 
the address <annelida at> and you are free to unsubscribe at any 
time. I hope you will stay with us. If you have never subscribed to a 
mailing list before you may be puzzled at first to receive e-mail from 
'strangers' who might appear to be 'talking' directly to you. Look at the 
address headers to see if the mail comes via ANNELIDA. If the message means 
nothing to you, ignore it!
As 'discussion leader' I will try to encourage friendly discussion to make 
this an enjoyable and interesting open forum,  but I hope to keep mainly in 
the background while others do most of the talking. I will keep the list 
'alive' if it gets too quiet and will occasionally post you a reminder of 
how it works. I will also be the liaison person with the administrators  of 
BIONET to keep the list running smoothly. 
GUIDELINES: Your colleagues get a lot of e-mail and will be grateful if you 
make it easy for them to read it all. Please follow these simple hints on 
posting to ANNELIDA. 
ALWAYS fill in the subject line in your e-mail and always make it 
INCLUDE your name and e-mail address at the bottom of all messages. 
IGNORE any message you receive that is off-topic (not about worms or worm 
research). Do not complain about them to the list or respond to such  
complaints as in doing so you become part of the problem. This applies  
particularly to advertising (or 'spams' as they are called), to 'how do I  
subscribe' messages, and to messages sent to the list by mistake. I will  
deal with all these privately if necessary. 
ETIQUETTE. We will not waste our colleagues' time with trivial repartee. 
But we will not worry overmuch if occasionally other people's standards 
slip in this matter. Most of the time we will all be very polite and 
certainly we will never send angry personal messages to the list.
INFORMATION OVERLOAD? Too many messages? Messages are too long? Very 
unlikely to occur on ANNELIDA, but this is a *discussion* list and will 
probably have occasional bursts of activity. Avoid information you don't 
want by ignoring it, rather than asking everyone else to do without it as 
well. However, people planning to send or forward very long messages to the 
list should be aware that others may be paying real money for the volume of 
mail in their mailbox.
That's all the advice for now. I'm very glad ANNELIDA is under way at last, 
and I look forward to your active participation and to an increasing 
subscribership amongst non-polychaetologists. Use it or lose it!
Please log onto my WWW page for annelids and please tell me about your own 
WWW projects. Feedback always welcome. (If you don't yet know about the 
World Wide Web ask your local Internet provider how you can access it.)
I'm still putting CHAETOZONE-9 together, and hope to get it out in not too 
many days, but anyone who has sent me information can distribute it first 
via ANNELIDA if they wish. 
Enjoy! Best wishes to you all,
Geoff Read <gread at>

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