Indian Ocean Serpulidae & Sabellidae

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ANNELIDA Pioneers,
I have received the following request for information. If anyone can help 
please e-mail directly to Barnaby Taylor <batnhu at> and not 
to me. You never know -- you might get a free dive trip to the Maldives! 
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                                                9th November 1995.
Dear Sir/Madam,
The BBC Natural History Unit is currently proposing a new, six-part 
series about the wildlife of the Indian subcontinent, entitled 'Land of 
the Tiger'.
One of the programmes concerns the marine life of the Indian Ocean. In 
particular, the Maldives, Lakshadweeps, Nicobars, Andamans, and coastal 
I am eager to include interesting marine invertebrate stories, as these 
are usually underrepresented in such programmes. In particular, I am 
fascinated by the fan worms of the Serpulidae and Sabellidae.
Gordon Patterson, of the NHM, London, recommended I contact the 
'Chaetozone', in order to find out more information on these worms and 
when/where best to film them.
Any information or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Barnaby Taylor.
<batnhu at>
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