Why Do We Need a Newsgroup?

Robin Wilson rwilson at mov.vic.gov.au
Sun Nov 19 18:17:16 EST 1995

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, JAMES BLAKE wrote:

> Dear Annelid enthusiasts, 
> I have been wondering who would be the first to follow Geoff Read's 
> introductory remarks, and because no one has, I decided to do it.  
> I would like to solicit comments from the membership as to how they 
> anticipate using this medium of communication.  

Hello Jim, and other annelid people.

Jim's comments about annelida and listervers were cautionary, but it 
seems to me that annelida is potentially very useful, and I hope that it 
will be a resource with a high signal to noise ratio.  In other words, it 
won't bother me a bit if all is quiet for substantial periods!

Many of us are now building databases of taxa and references.  I suggest 
that it would be very useful if we were to design a form for exchanging 
data, and to use these forms to post to the list all new taxa and all 
references in a a format that we could all use to import to our own 
databases.  To begin with, this will obviously be a very incomplete 
survey of annelid work, but I would hope and expect that it will grow and 
eventually become commonplace.  The very useful bibliographies that Geoff 
puts in Chaetozone are a good example of how this could work.  Maybe one 
day we won't need to pay Biosis and others for on-line searches.

I could post a suggested "new taxon" form if there was any sort of interest in 
this idea ...



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