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Sun Nov 19 20:06:15 EST 1995

Dear Jim and annelida scientists,

It is nice to see the formation of our own newsgroup on internet which will 
allow us to discuss some issues important to all of us in a more causal 
format.  The questions arised in Jim's message are very important ones.  I 
would be very happy to learn and to join the discussion.  Also, I have my 
own questions to give.  One of most difficult one but very practical one is 
how we could promote the fundamental research of annelids today.   In China 
and other countries, funding for basic scientific research is very hard to 
come nowadays, a sharp decline in man power in polychaete research in China 
is a bad signal to us.  Possibly within 10-15 years (after the old 
generation retires), we will not be able to continue any taxonomy work or 
ecological studies in this region.  In fact, it is a common problem for all 
of taxonomical groups.  We need some actions.

Pei-Yuan Qian
Assist. prof., Department of Biology
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
Fax: 852-2358-1559; Tel: 852-2358-7331
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Meeting announcement:

I am currently invovled in organizing the "Asia-Pacific Conference on 
Science and Management of Coastal Environment" which will be held from 25 to 
28 28 June 1996 on this campus.  The conference will cover the following 
areas: biodiversity, productivity, sustainability of ecosystem, mangrove 
ecology, habitat recovery, natural product, ecotoxicology, pollution 
control, impact & fate of maine pollutants, waste treatment, bioremediation, 
eutrophication, dredging & sediment contamination, marine toxins and 
diseases, seafood contaminants, carcinogens/toxicology, transgenic 
organisms, recombinant hormones & their applications, application of 
molecular biology techniques in marine biology/ecological research, 
mariculture & fishery, conservation of coastal ecosystem, beach erosion and 
nourishement, impact assessment, legislation and policy, management 
strategy, reclamation, sediment behaviour and transport.   18 scientists 
have been invited as keynote speakers from over the worlds (including A. O. 
D. Willows, director of Friday Harbor Lab, Jarl-Ove Stromberg from  
Kristineberg marine research station, sweden, Joe Baker from Australia, Choy-
Leong Hew from U. of Toronto, Canada.....).  Deadline for submission of 
abstracts is on Jan. 15, 1996 and deadline of early registration in on March 
31, 1996.  Please contact me if you need further information and I can send 
your a copy of second announcement.

Pei-Yuan Qian

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