Molecular systematics of annelids

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Dear ANNELIDA subscribers,
Over the past year and a half I have been in touch with many colleagues
who, like myself, are interested in using molecular data for phylogenetic
analysis of annelid relationships.  I would like to encourage the exchange
of information and ideas about molecular systematics of annelids, and the
ANNELIDA newsgroup seems an ideal forum for this.  To avoid duplication of
data collection, and to help each other progress more fruitfully in our
research, I hope the ANNELIDA newsgroup can serve as way for us to inform
each other about the molecules and taxa we are working on, and to exchange
techniques, protocols, or primers. 

In my own research, I am examining monophyly of the Annelida, using both
nuclear (Elongation Factor 1 alpha) and mitochondrial (12S rRNA) gene
sequences. For the first few taxa, I had to clone my PCR products and
sequence from plasmid inserts; since then, I have designed several other
primer sets for cycle sequencing.  

Damhnait McHugh   

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