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b_brown at colby.edu b_brown at colby.edu
Tue Nov 21 08:33:46 EST 1995

To all you "Wormophiles,"
        To all the listers who read this, you see the reply I have received
to my first measly contribution yesterday.  To BELLAN, I think your reply
is awful.  It was not sent to the entire list, but to me alone -- why not
take me to task in public?  This exchange is an example of unnecessary
"flaming" of someone on the list, is out of line, and way out of the realm
of interesting or useful discussions about polychaetes/annelids.  To
Kirtley, Blake, and Read...this is why some of us lurk.  While I may have
mixed national origins in "creating" a new word, I think that if this is
the way the annelid list participants plan to reply to contributions, I
agree whole heartedly with Jim that we don't need a list.  BBrown

>>Wormoph  is something awful: this word is built by the aggregation of a word
>>WORM of Saxon origin and a suffix PHILE of Greek origin! It's unlawful
>>according to the taxonomic current code! (it the same for mixed latin and
>>greek origin!)
>Here's my $0.02. Like Jim Blake, I am already on other lists.  It is
>>terrifically easy to be deluged by mail to the point of NOT keeping up with
>>the reading that counts. Geoff has done a terrific job getting this list
>>off the ground and I will probably remain at least as a lurker (I wouldn't
>>want to miss a crucial point about these great organisms).
>> I agree with Jim that the other lists have potential to cover items we
>>cover here.  I would suggest that Jim post the addresses of the other lists
>>so the wormophiles can choose (or increase the number of lists they join).
>>Dept. of Biology
>>Colby College
>>Waterville, ME 04901
>Centre d'Oceanologie de Marseille (U.A. CNRS 41)
>Station marine d'Endoume
>Rue Batterie des Lions  .
>13007 Marseille
>Tel. 91 04 16 12        .
>Fax. 91 04 16 35        .
>E-mail. gbellan at com.univ-mrs.fr  .

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