American distribution of Ficopomatus enigmaticus

Tue Nov 21 12:34:23 EST 1995

Dear colleagues-
For those of you who do regular sampling of nearshore areas 
anywhere in the Americas, both North and South, Jim Carlton and I 
are attempting to map out the American distribution of a small, 
introduced serpulid called Ficopomatus enigmaticus. If you are 
familiar with this worm and have seen, heard, or read anything 
about it's recent occurrence on this continent, particularly on 
the east coast of North America or in the Caribbean and in South 
America, please drop me a note.  A distinguishing feature of this 
species (and a few other members of this genus), is it's tendency 
to produce white, calcareous tubes with very pronounced collar 
like rings (subsequent positions of the peristome). It can occur 
in large mats.  Thank you ahead of time for your efforts.

Linda McCann
Research Biologist
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Edgewater, MD  21037

410 798 4424 

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