Hello out there

KSENDALL 387-2932 ksendall at rbml01.rbcm.gov.bc.ca
Tue Nov 21 12:55:14 EST 1995

Fellow worm people;

    This is to introduce myself to our new newsgroup. I am the
Invertebrate Collections Manager at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC
Canada. We have almost 600 species of polychaetes in our collection of about
45 000 lots. There are 13 lots of type specimens. 
    I intend to be somewhere between a lurker and a chatterer but plan to
use this venue as a means to expediate loan arrangements and to respond
to data requests related to polychaetes. Personally, I am interested in the
general taxonomy of polychaetes, and the growing concern surrounding the
problem of introducing exotic species via ballast water. Such introductions
can confound the taxonomy of polychaetes as it has in other taxa.

Kelly Sendall
Collection Manager
Invertebrate Zoology
Royal BC Museum
675 Belleville Street
Victoria, BC 
Canada V8V 1X4
ksendall at rmbl01.rbcm.gov.bc.ca

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