help !!!!

Valerie Degas V.Degas at
Tue Nov 21 16:05:13 EST 1995

	Hello wormophiles !!!!! (grammatically can be considered as awful but very easy to understand and better 
than my english...)

	I am a french student in England working on polychaeta.Some experiments are going to take place on 
Arenicola Marina in Norfolk.My supervisor is going to disturbe an area by digging , adding Arenicola ,adding 
organic matter ...and i will have to study the effects of these disturbances on the others polychaeta.So i need 
some references on this kind of study .I am open to all suggestions for this work.
	Iam also looking for a PhD for next year in India,Canada,South Africa,Australia and maybe elsewhere...
Thank you for help....

Degas Valerie
school of biological sciences
university of East Anglia 
Norwich NR47TJ (Norfolk)

E-Mail : V.Degas at

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