Polychaetes and pesky flies

Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at actrix.gen.nz
Thu Nov 23 18:11:14 EST 1995


Those people who bailed out might have been a bit premature. This list is
going to be very easy to cope with I assure you.  No other annelida traffic
yet so ...  
to keep the 'avalanche' rolling I'd like to share this little oddity that
turned up today.  
FROUZ, J. 1995: Description of Fannia polychaeta (Diptera, Fanniidae) larva.
 Biologia 50(5):497-500.
The abstract contains the words 'polychaeta larva' twice and I imagine this 
totally useless ref (only from the point of view of a polychaete 
biologist!) is going to plague keyword searches for ever more. I don't know 
how old the species is. Maybe it has turned up for you before? Are there 
others like this?
It reminds me of the rather different Fly/Polychaete conundrum recently 
related by Helmut Zibrowius et al.  where it was the animals rather than 
the words that were mixed up (ref was in Chaetozone-8).
Zibrowius H., L. Botosaneanu and H. A.ten Hove 1995: Un etrange cas de 
confusion transphyletique: Potamoceroides giardi Munier-Chalmas in 
Ferronniere, 1901 - Diptere Chironomide et non Polychete Serpulide.
Bulletin de la Societe des sciences naturelles de l'Ouest de la France,
Nantes, (n. Ser.) 17 (1): 3-8.
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