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Land, J. van der evert at nnm.nl
Fri Nov 24 04:17:10 EST 1995

>From the old days, when we were turning around the pogonophorans to become
annelids and vestimentiferans still had to wait for fame. In those days
Norrevang and I wrote a paper on Lamellibrachia which we expected never to be
cited because nobody would ever find these beasts again.
The publisher gave us a number of copies of our paper:
Land, J. van der & A. Norrevang, 1977. Structure and relationships of
Lamellibrachia (Annelida, Vestimentifera) - Kongl. Danske Vidensk. Selsk. Biol.
Skr. 21(3): 102 pp. plus 26 plates.
For those who are interested in the history of annelid research: I would be glad
to send you a copy (by surface mail) if you send a request to evert at nnm.nl

Dr Jacob van der Land, National Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 9517, 2300
RA Leiden, Netherlands; fax +31.71.5133344. E-mail: evert at nnm.nl

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