Typosyllis armillaris from Greenland?

Frank Licher LICHER at cipfb5.biologie.uni-osnabrueck.de
Fri Nov 24 06:00:34 EST 1995

Typosyllis armillaris from Greenland
and deposition of "old types" are requested

Dear collegues,
I am working on a worldwide revision of Syllis (including Typosyllis 
and Ehlersia) for Ph.D. and I am willing to declare a NEOTYPE of 
Typosyllis armillaris (O.F. Mueller, 1771), as I couldn't find 
Mueller's types. With respect to the year of description I believe it 
is lost and a NEOTYPE is claimed.
Mueller found that species on Greenland, and I like to ask everyone 
whether one has T. armillaris-material from Greenland in his 
collection that may be loaned for further investigations to me?

By this occasion, does anyone knows about the deposition of 
Haswell's, Marenzeller's, Malmgren's, Willey's and Jeldes' types?
I am still looking for the following types:

   Syllis corruscans Haswell, 1885,
   Syllis (Typosyllis) parturiens Haswell, 1920,
   Syllis (Typosyllis) pectinans Haswell, 1920,
   Typosyllis ehlersioides Marenzeller, 1890,
   Syllis fasciata Malmgren, 1867,
   Typosyllis taprobanensis Willey, 1905,
   Typosyllis patagonica Jeldes, 1962 (also his discription is 
      unknown to me).

With deep thanks for your interest and for your help!

Kind regards,
Frank Licher

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