Polychaetes and pesky flies -Reply (fwd)

Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at actrix.gen.nz
Sun Nov 26 16:33:46 EST 1995

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Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 10:33:34 -0500
From: Anon
To: gread at actrix.gen.nz
Subject:  Polychaetes and pesky flies -Reply

The pesky flies certainly is one of the sources of confusion: 
Unfortunately, the name "polychaeta" is used quite frequently as a 
species name among dipterologists and other entomologists.  I have just
accepted it at this time as more or less inevitable when I download from
something like for example Zool. Rec.  I am sure there are easy ways of
getting rid of the problem, but it did not seem worth while to me to spend
hours creating a sneaky way of getting around the problem when the
use of the delete key in the downloaded matter would be just as fast. 
What Geoff has pointed out, is that downloading without studying the
results can lead to all sorts of interesting problems.  


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