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Tue Apr 9 06:50:35 EST 1996

EVS Environment Consultants wrote:
> Is there any way to stop the influx of free magazine offers that have been
> flooding this (and other) discussion groups? Our company has no interest in
> the offer, and resent paying internet time to download the same thing
> repeatedly.

In short no.  It is a consequence of having an unmoderated list that
the unscrupulous will abuse it. I believe that, while momentarily  irritating, it
is not YET bad enough to cause loss of membership (one or two spams a
week are easy enough to delete unread aren't they?  And for most of
us it is only a few cents cost if anything). The magazine spammer is
very cunning (almost all those messages come from ONE person, Kevin
someone (K.  Lipsitz I think from memory)  using forged e-mail
addresses). He is just about fireproof by the way -- there is no way
of stopping him permanently though people have tried. Ignore him is
best for most of us. 

Another way of reducing junk-mail  impact is by increasing the
activity on the list - more discussion when relevant issues arrive
that can be discussed. Send your replies to ANNELIDA and not just to
the original poster.  Over to you. ( However, this current topic is an 
exception  :-). Please reply to me personally on list admin  problems 
or to <biosci-help at> :-)). 

If enough ANNELIDA subscribers  request it this list can be made
into a moderated list. I don't want to go down that path if I can
possibly avoid it (more work for someone, probably me, and loss of
freedom from "censorship" for everybody. This issue will also be
discussed probably in May when ANNELIDA is due to be voted on as a
proposed UseNet newsgroup. A moderator for the entry of UseNet
postings  is highly likely to be recommended by me.

On another minor admin topic: List subscription problems when
subscribers change e-mail address. The hassle-free way to do it is
to unsubscribe before your address changes and then subscribe again
from your new address.

Happy annelidaning,

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