searching length/width/weight data

Klaus Schnack ks at
Thu Apr 18 16:51:40 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

 I am working on Polychaetes from the eastern Greenland shelf region.
For a community analysis we want to get biomass estimations as good as
possible. Unfortunately, due to harsh conditions during sieving, most
specimens are broken. So we will try to estimate the 'true' biomass 
with the help of empirically derived relationships between body
measurements and weight. But our material seems to be too incomplete
for this purpose.

 So we are looking for data on width/length/weight relationships of
Polychaetes - species, families or 'shape'.
Does anybody have hints on literature, own measurements to share or
tips where to find data about it?

Every input will be appreciated very much.

 Klaus Schnack

         	   (o o)
Klaus Schnack                        ks at

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