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Fri Apr 26 09:09:48 EST 1996

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Klaus Schnack wrote:

>  So we are looking for data on width/length/weight relationships of
> Polychaetes - species, families or 'shape'.

When I worked with _Nereis diversicolor_ long time ago, I found the
width-weight relation to be more accurate than length-weight, probably
because the width of polychaetes didn't expand as much as the length.

Cautions should be taken when using regression equation from other areas, 
or even from other season. Therefore I suggest taking extra samples from 
your own site just to make this relationship. Something like 100 
individuals, depending on the size-range, should suffice. If your 
size-range is wide, I propose to divide the relation into two, one for 
the small individuals, and another one for the bigger ones.

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