Bristleworm Factsheet (fwd)

Edwin Cruz-rivera ecruzriv at
Sun Apr 28 14:39:18 EST 1996

I only have two comments: 1) referring to fireworms as "pretty or ugly" 
is in the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps one of the dangers of Hermodice 
from the Caribbean is precisely the fact that they are quite brilliant in 
color, and unexperienced persons try to place them on their hands for 
closer examination.  A bright red, or bright green worm with showy whyte 
tufts of bristles along it's sides can be quite "showy", and I have seen 
quite a few people get stung because they want to take the worm by hand 
so they can place it in a jar.
2)  Some fireworms have the capacity for consuming corals, but I 
don't know of any studies showing this is their only, or preferred food.  
As far as I know they are all omnivorous.


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