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>We are looking for information on the reproduction of some specific 
>species and hoped someone would have references to point us in the 
>right direction. The species we have had trouble nailing down are 
>Synelmis acuminata (Pilargidae), Myriochele oculata (Oweniidae), 
>Podarke angustifrons, and the genus Nereimyra (Hesionidae). If there 
>is anyone that knows of citations dealing specifically with these 
>species or more generally with the families, we would appreciate the 

I can perhaps contribute something on the oweniids. There is really 
very little information on oweniid reproduction except for several 
papers on Owenia fusiformis that you can look up in Zoological Record.  
However, for Myriochele oculata, there are some notes on that species 
published by Oliver, J.S. 1984.  Selection for asexual reproduction in 
an Antarctic polychaete worm. Marine Ecology Progress Series 19:33-38.  

The main study here is on Myriochele cf. heeri which Oliver found 
undergoes asexual fragmentation in Antarctic waters.  He also includes 
observations on M. oculata in Alaska and has some notes about sexual 
maturity and the like.  He refers to another paper by Oliver, et al., 
1983. U.S. Fish. Bull. 81:501-512, where more information is developed. 
For your information, Myriochele oculata should be referred to the 
genus Galathowenia.  Drop me a note if you want some taxonomic reasons.

I believe there is also some published information on Nereimyra, but I 
will leave that to others to relate.

Good luck, 

Jim Blake
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