Mon Aug 5 21:30:53 EST 1996

Dear annelid enthusiasts, 

Daniel Martin asked about a reference on the synonymy of Galathowenia 
and I refer him and others interested to:

Blake, J.A. 1984. Polychaeta Oweniidae from Antarctic seas collected by 
the United States Antarctic Research Program. Proceedings of the First 
International Polychaete Conference, Sydney, edited by P.A. Hutchings 
and published by the Linnean Society of New South Wales. Pp. 112-117.  

In this paper there is a review of the taxonomic history of Galathowenia
and the reasons for its separation from Myriochele.  I might add that in
all likelihood there are many species that have been collectively called
G. (or Myriochele) oculata.  I recommend use of Methyl Green Stain and a
careful mapping of staining patterns.  In the absence of obvious
characters, the staining patterns might suggest species level differences
in widely distributed populations of what appear to be the same species. 


Jim Blake
(jablake at

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