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Wed Aug 7 06:55:53 EST 1996

Tom Perkins wrote

> Basically, Article 29(a) of the Code states that family group name "is
>formed by adding to the stem > of the GENUS name [in this case the stem of
>the genitive singular Nereidis, which is Nereid-] the
> latinized suffix -IDAE to form a family name" . . This is explained
>fairly well in Table 2 of
> Appendix D of the of the Code, which I really doubt is incorrect.

Dear anelidans,

I am really far to be fluent in (ancient) Latin and Greek. My Latin / Greek
are almost exclusively reserved to refer to polychaetes and some more
organisms in a scientific framework. However, I would like to pose a simple
question which, certainly, would reveal my poor knowledge (I am sorry,

Why the GENUS to which the Code refers to should by "Nereidis / Nereid" and
not "Nereis" which is the genus name of a large number of the species of
the Family?

I any case, I am one of those preferring Nereidae in front of Nereididae.
The former is older, looks more similar to Nereis and, in agreement with
Mary Petersen, sounds better.


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