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When writing educational compendiums about regional marine fauna, I
use to try to explain the meaning of the scientific names to our
students. When dealing with names based upon a person, I use to
inform about at least at least nationality and life-span if possible.
Some persons have been more or less impossible to find data about
from my viewpiont. Thus, I have a vast list of questions about
chiefly years of birth and (when applicable) decease of scientists or
collectors figuring in scientific names of e.g. Annelid genera and
species. Also nationalities and complete names are of interest.

Wigley, Roland L. 19??-
        *       Spiophanes wigleyi  Pettibone,1962
Bacci, G. 1???-, Italian Ophryotrocha worker.
                Ophryotrocha bacci  Parenti,1961
Harass, ?
                Eunice harassii Audouin & M.-E.,1834
Klatt, G.    (A professor Berthold Klatt, 1885-19?? was working in the
Zoological Museum, Hamburg. Is he related to G. Klatt or is the
initial G wrong?)
        *       Glyphohesione klatti  Friedrich,1950
Sibert, ?
                Ophryotrocha puerilis siberti (McIntosh,1885)
Cavall, ?
                Tomopteris cavalli  Rosa,1907
Bobretzky, N.V., 18??-1???, Russian? scientist, who e.g. 1875 wrote a paper
together with the French scientist Antoine F. Marion, 1846-1900.
                Goniadella bobretzkii  (Annenkova,1922)
Webster, H.E., 18??-19??, American polychaete worker; wrote papers together
with James E. Benedict, 18??-19??
        *       Streptosyllis websteri  Southern,1914
                Sigalion mathildae  Audouin & H. Milne-Edwards,1830
Hartmann, ?
                Ophryotrocha hartmanni  Huth,1933
Zeppelin, M. von
        *       Zeppelina  Vaillant, in de Quatrefages,1890 (now
synonymized with
                Dodecaceria OErsted,1843)
Boccardi, ?
                Boccardiella Blake & Kudenov,1978 < Boccardia  Carazzi,1893
Homberg, ?
        *       Nephtys hombergi  de Lamarck,1818 (was collected in Havre
de Grace by Homberg, but who was he? The nudibranch Tritonia
hombergi Cuvier,1803 is probably named for the same person. Could it
be Wilhelm Homberg, 1652-1715, German-French chemist? or perhaps more
probably Eugene Homberg, 1???-18??, who together with two other
authors in  LeHavre published a book about fishes 1831?)
Amondsen, Danish captain collecting arctic species for the Swedish Mus. of
Nat. Hist.
        *       Gattyana amondseni  (Malmgren,1867)
Hartmann-Schroeder, Gesa, 19??-, German polychaete worker
        *       Gesiella  ?Authorship?
Catherina / Catherine
                Aricidea catherinae  Laubier,1987
Romijn (person or geographical name?)
                Alkmaria romijni  Horst,1919
Dyster, Frederic D., Dr. collected marine animals at Tenby. (probably the
same Dyster who described gen. Brettia (Bryozoa)
        *       Salmacina dysteri  (Huxley,1865)
Margo, Tivador  ?Hungarian scientist
        *       Ozobranchus margoi  (Apathy,1890)
Monticelli  probably count S.F. Monticelli from Naples
                Monticellina  Laubier,1961
Neizwestnowa-Shadina, E.
        *       Rheomorpha neizvestnovae  (Lastochkin,1935)

By the way, is anybody familiar with the ethymology of Pisione
Grube,1857? Could it be an anagram  of Pisinoe Rafinesque,1815
(Annelida) and thus possibly a nonsense-name, like several of
Rafinesque's names? Other strange generic names include Magelona
Fritz Mueller,1858 (Is it possibly some kind of Brazilian name?), the
two names Tharyx & Cossura by the American polychaetologists Webster
& Benedict,1887, several names from Malmgren,1866, e.g. Pista
(?possibly from Greek pistos =pure, genuine) & Sosane, Janua de
Saint-Joseph,1894 (possibly from the Roman god Janus?) and Maldane

If anybody may contribute with likely explanations or completion of
data for of any of the names, I will be very grateful.

                          Thank you in advance

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