Biographies (Re: Etymological questions)

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Mon Aug 12 09:26:05 EST 1996

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No worries. The list software nicely suppressed or converted them.

Hans G. Hansson wrote:
> ... Thus, I have a vast list of questions about
> chiefly years of birth and (when applicable) decease of scientists or
> collectors figuring in scientific names of e.g. Annelid genera and
> species. Also nationalities and complete names are of interest. ...

On a related theme I am interested in help with, or volunteers to be
author of, a web page of citations for obituaries, lifetime
publications lists, and biographical notes on polychaetologists.
These may not be so readily found by normal literature search
methods (I chanced upon an obit. for Soderstrom for example). If
anyone has already done such a list for their compatriots or
world-wide, or could easily do so, I would like to hear from them.

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