Perkins Perkins
Tue Aug 13 20:56:48 EST 1996

Dr. Martin asks "Why the genus to which the Code refers to should be
"Nereidis/Nereid" and not "Nereis".  I regret that he misunderstood. 
Nereis is the correct genus name.  Article 29(b) (which I should also have
quoted) states that, for a type generic name ending in a Greek or Latin
word, "the stem for the purposes of the code is found by deleting the case
ending of the genitive singular."  The genus name Nereis is the
'nominative' singular; the 'genitive' singular of Nereis is Nereidis;
'is' is the case ending; and 'Nereid' is the stem to which 'idae' is

Judith Fournier makes an important point, but her memory is only
excellent.  Audouin & Milne-Edwards used Nereidiens as a family name,
which would be acceptable for authorship.  However, earlier, Latreille,
1825, Familles naturelle du Regne Animal, Paris, Bailliere, p. 240, used
Nereidaea, also acceptable and earlier (please excuse the lack of correct
French accent marks).  I believe it is correct to say that Nereidaea(iens)
was correctly emended to Nereididae by Pettibone in 1971.  (It is
interesting to note that both Latreille and A. & M-E used the correct
stem;  Williams, 1851, p. 187, however, the first author to add 'idae',
did not, incorrectly using Nereidae, as did all subsequent authors prior
to 1971.) I am certainly not a classical Greek scholar, but I try to ask
for help from my friends to be as accurate as I can.  Dr. Martin can do as
he prefers; however, I would prefer that a matter such as this be decided
by an organization such as the International Polychaetology Association.

Tom Perkins
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