Nereididae/Nephthys v Nephtys

Nadia Papadopoulou nadiapap at
Wed Aug 14 07:28:27 EST 1996

Tom Perkins wrote:
* 1. "the stem for the purposes of the code is found by deleting 
the case ending of the genitive singular."  The genus name Nereis is the
'nominative' singular; the 'genitive' singular of Nereis is Nereidis;
'is' is the case ending; and 'Nereid' is the stem to which 'idae' is
* 2.. "I would prefer that a matter such as this be decided by an 
organization such as the International Poly. Assoc."

I wouldn't want to go on, on Nereididae, any longer, especially after Tom
Perkins's latest message (see * 1 & 2 ). In fact it is because of that, 
that I just couldn't resist saying:
1. "as a Greek, I couldn't agree more",
2. absolutely and 
3. addressing a new subject/name problem: Nephtys versus Nephthys ?!

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