Of Paraonids and Oenonids

Geoff Read g.read at niwa.cri.nz
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 Christopher Martin asked:
>         Second, I wanted to find out more on Oenonidae.  According to the
> Worldwide Polychaete Family List compiled by Geoff Read, Oenonidae is not
> only a recognized family, but it has also absorbed arabellids and some
> former lysaretids.  However, a counterpart of mine was of the opinion that
> Oenonidae is now part of Lysaretidae.  Could anybody clarify that for me?

Firstly, I am pleased the web list (at
http://www.keil.ukans.edu/~worms/pc-fam.html) is circulating.
Comments and corrections are always welcome. It would certainly help
with queries like the one above  if I added citations for the latest
lit. and I hope to do this sometime.

The somewhat complicated oenonid situation is well summarised in
Brigitte Hilbig's recent (Dec 1995) chapter on Oenonidae  (Tax. Atlas
... Santa Barbara. vol. 5:315). In very brief -- "Orensanz (1990) ...
transferred Lysarete to the Lumbrineridae ... merged Arabellidae
with Oenonidae, the latter being the older name. The families
Lysaretidae and Arabellidae are therefore no longer recognised."

I believe I heard a rumour that this rearrangement was subject of
some debate in the Californian taxonomy group SCAMIT. Is that correct
(I may be confused here with another topic)? If there are alternative
proposals underway or recently published from any source I would be
interested to hear about them.

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