Of Paraonids and Oenonids

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>First, I cannot seem to find the first paper describing the genus
>(or subgenus) _Acmira_.  The only paper that I was able to find was by
>Hartmann-Schroeder, G; Hartmann, G (1991).  Also, does anybody know if
>there are papers that mention _Acmira_ around the Arabian Sea area.  I
>found this critter at 3400 m.

Hartley, J.P. 1981: JMBAUK 61:133-149, determined that Acesta was 
preoccupied in the Mollusca and renamed the genus Acmira.

Geoff Read has correctly addressed your question on the composition of 
the Oeonidae.  As much as I like the name Arabellidae, that family name 
must be suppressed in favor of Oenonidae.  Orensanz (1990) has revised 
this group.  As Geoff notes, the taxonomic history is nicely reviewed 
by Brigitte Hilbig in the vol. of the Tax. Atlas.

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