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>Subject:       Of Paraonids and Oenonids

>Fellow Annelidians,

>        First, I cannot seem to find the first paper describing the genus
>(or subgenus) _Acmira_.  The only paper that I was able to find was by
>Hartmann-Schroeder, G; Hartmann, G (1991).  Also, does anybody know if
>there are papers that mention _Acmira_ around the Arabian Sea area.  I
>found this critter at 3400 m.

Hartley corrected the subgenus name of _Acesta_ to _Acmira_, since the
former was preoccupied in Mollusca.  I don't mean to be promotional, BUT
there is a review of the subgenera of _Aricidea_ and a table describing
the species of _Aricidea_ (_Allia_) in a recent publication authored by me
and Jerry McLelland:

Aricidea (Allia) bryani, a new species...Gulf of Mexico.  1996.  Gulf
Research Reports 9:189-195.

available from the address below:

Gary R. Gaston
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University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677 USA
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l. Hauchiella is totally
achaetous, but there is no doubt about its being an polycirrin terebellid.
A feature of Terebellidae not mentioned, is that the tentacles rise behind a
constantly everted upper lip. Tentacles and branchiae can often be lost in
preserved specimens, the upper lip never. 

Torleif Holthe
Trondheim, Norway

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