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Bobretzky, N.V., 18??-1???, Russian? scientist, who e.g. 1875 wrote a paper
together with the French scientist Antoine F. Marion, 1846-1900.
                Goniadella bobretzkii (Annenkova,1922)

Bobretzky Nikolay Vasiljevich 1 April 1843 - 24 November 1907
 Russian zoologist. Graduated from the Kiev University (1866).
 Then worked there. 1877 - professor, chief of the Zoology department
 1900-1907-rector of the University.
   in Russia and USSR - the first person in the High School (University or
   equivalent), who really is the director, chief, manager of the Organization.
   Usually he is elected.
 Main interests: invertebrate embryology (Polychaeta, Crustacea, Insecta,
 Mollusca). Author of 1st Russian manual for universities on Zoology (1884).

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