Psammolyce spp

Marie Pendle EG DFR M.A.PENDLE at
Mon Dec 2 20:38:50 EST 1996

I am looking for any help I can get with the identification of a scaleworm 
from the English Channel.  It is fairly large - about 180mm in length; the 
elytra extend right down the body, but not completely across.  The elytra 
bear club-shaped papillate protrusions and marginate filiform papillae too. 
 We think that it is a species of Psammolyce ( it is sand encrusted) - there 
is a long dorsal cirrus on the third chaetiger - but have no literature to 
identify it more positively.  It has come from a sandy gravel substrate, 
shallow offshore site.  The chaetae include compound chaetae and high 
numbers of simple chaetae that give it a fluffy appearance.  Any suggestions 
would be appreciated.

Marie Pendle and Jane Greening
MAFF Fisheries Laboratory
Remembrance Avenue
United Kingdom

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