nocturnal activity of polychaete

C Y Tsai C.Y.Tsai at
Mon Dec 2 21:40:56 EST 1996

Hello Everyone,

I am a postgraduate student in studying the day/night feeding ecology of
the Curlew (Numenius arquata), owing to the main diets of the Curlew are
Nereis species. I'd like to know if there are literatures regarding the
nocturnal activity of the Nereis species or other polychaetes. This will
be the key point to explain why Curlew feed at night. If the Nereis
species are active at night, then the predator, Curlew, will easily to
find their prey.
I also need to captive the Nereis in the lab to observe the changes of
burrow depth between day/night, would you please to give me some good
advices to carry the Nereis (e.g. sea water, nutrient, sediments.....).
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Chia-Yang Tsai
Department of Biological Science
University of Durham
C.Y.Tsai at

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