Fifth International Conference Proceedings

Tue Dec 3 12:22:30 EST 1996


I am posting this at Dr. Don Reish's request.  

Page proofs for papers accepted for the Proceedings of the Fifth
International Polychaete Conference will be sent to authors in early January.
He asks that authors quickly (1 week) review the proofs and return them to
the Bulletin of Marine Science right away.  He wanted this notification to go
out so those with travel plans will be able to anticipate this occuring and
be able to make arrangements to have this mail forwarded to them.

Thanks to those of you who responded to me regarding my earlier announcement
of the March 1997 date for publication of the Proceedings.  I will take this
opportunity to let you all know that when issues are available for purchase
there will be a posting on Annelida with all the information needed to order
a copy.  

Worm regards to all,

Larry Lovell
Polychaete Taxonomist 

P.S.  I have been very busy recently, but have been doing my own research
regarding Nephtys neotenus and its synonomy with Nephtys cornuta and its
placement in Micronephthys.  I will present my initial results shortly.


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