Feeding habits of Myriochele

Borge.Holte at FM-TR.SRI.telemax.no Borge.Holte at FM-TR.SRI.telemax.no
Thu Dec 5 03:56:03 EST 1996

Dear editor.

I have problems to find informations on the feeding habits of
Myriochele. If possible, I hereby request for any help via  the
"Annelida net"  through the following message:

The functional role of Myriochele oculata.

For the time being I am prepearing a MS about  ecological interactions and,
to some degree, energetic pathways in the sediments of a pristine fjord in
Northern Norway. For one particular genus it seems very difficult to find
any published information on feeding habits, namely the oweniid 
Myriochele which seems to be quite frequent in different environmental
systems in north-east fine-particulated Atlantic sediments. Do anyone know
where to find published knowledge on whether Myriochele is a surface or 
subsurface detrivore? Other undocumented observations are also of interest.
Some informations are available on the oweniid genus Owenia, but these
genera are probably not comparable with respect to feeding
structures/organs and feeding habits.


Borge Holte
borge.holte at fm-tr.sri.telemax.no

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