Request on Stratiodrilus [Histriobdellidae]

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Tue Dec 10 18:57:02 EST 1996

Daniel Martin requested:
> ... information on Stratriodrilus genus other than the mention of
> the existence of, at least, five species inhabiting crustacean hosts in
> Gennings & Gelder (1976) paper on Histriobdella homari (Biol. Bull. 151:
> 489-517).

Well, there seems to be a reasonable number of papers over the years.
Some recent citations are:

Moyano,Hugo IG; Carrasco,Franklin; Gacitua,Santiago (1993): On Chilean
species of the genus Stratiodrilus Haswell, 1900, Polychaeta,
Histriobdellidae. Boletin de la Sociedad de Biologia de Concepcion 64,

Cannon,LRG; Jennings,JB (1987): Occurrence and nutritional relationships of
four ectosymbiotes of the freshwater crayfishes Cherax dispar Riek and
Cherax punctatus Clark, Crustacea : Decapoda, in Queensland [Australia].
Aust. J. Mar. Freshwater. Res. 38(3), 419-427.

Vila,PI; Bahamonde,NN (1985): Two new species of Stratiodrilus, S.
aeglaphilus and S. pugnaxi (Annelida: Histriobdellidae) from Chile.
Proceedings. of. the. Biological. Society. of. Washington. 98(2),

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