Spirobranchus gig.

Delta Castillo Fernandez delta at kin.cieamer.conacyt.mx
Fri Feb 23 08:34:16 EST 1996

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Sascha Glinka wrote:

> I like to write a monography of the polychaeta Spirobranchus 
> giganteus, especially about the settlement of the larvae on corals.
> If you have any information (literature, papers,..) on this topic, could 
> send me a message. It would be great.

One starting point would be ...

Richard Smith, 1984.  Development and settling of Spirobranchus giganteus 
(Polychaeta; Serpulidae).  Proceedings of the First International 
Polychaete Conference, Sydney, 1983.  P.A. Hutchings, ed.  Published by 
the Linnean Society of New South Wales.  pp. 461-483.


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