Yet another "how to" for ANNELIDA

Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at
Tue Jan 9 15:42:39 EST 1996

Hello Folks,

First the good news -- despite occasional appearances to the contrary ANNELIDA
has lost only about 8 subscribers from the start up group, and we have gained
at least 72 new members. If there aren't enough of us online now to get some
lively discussion happening then there never will be!  

Because ANNELIDA was set up with an initial list of addresses the basics of
dealing with automatic lists appear not to have penetrated into the memory
banks of all of us. So here it is again. I apologise for the tedium. I usually
do this privately to individuals but sometimes a public reminder helps to stop
a lemming-like rush of 'me too' idiocy. Sending list commands to us all
achieves absolutely nothing apart from denting your reputation as an
intelligent person. Automatic unmoderated lists give wonderful freedom -- it's
up to you to exercise that freedom without bothering other people. 

If your address is changing you must unsubscribe from the list using your old
address, and then resubscribe under your new address. NEVER, EVER, send
commands to the ANNELIDA address. Send them to biosci-server at That
address represents a dumb computer program which 'administers' the membership
list. The one-line message 'help' sent to the server will produce a list of
the commands. 

Here is part of the BIOSCI advice:
B) Mail all commands in the body of a mail message addressed to
   biosci-server at  Do NOT send commands to the newsgroup
   posting addresses!  Leave the Subject: line blank, any text on it
   will be ignored.

C) In the body of your message put one or more of the following
   commands with an "end" command on the last line, e.g.,

   subscribe annelida
   unsubscribe annelida

   Do NOT put your e-mail address or other text on these lines.  The
   server only allows you to cancel your subscription if the address
   on your mail header matches the address on our mailing list.
   Please ask for help at biosci-help at if your address has
   changed, e.g., if you know you are on the list but the server tells
   you that you are not a member.

'Discussion Leader'
   Geoff Read <gread at>
   Annelida resources =>

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