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Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at
Sun Jan 14 16:53:14 EST 1996

Annelida Folks,

Please totally ignore that magazine sub advert. It has been sent to many lists
before. Much of the purported to and from addressees are forgeries, so don't
reply to them. Note the forged moderator approval (there isn't a moderator!).
I don't know how it got onto our list as our address isn't in the headers, but
it's also on file in the archive so somehow some unscrupulous person has taken
advantage of the system.

There is nothing you can do about it except delete unread. A very minor
irritation I hope. Please don't make it, or any other such ads, a topic of
discussion on ANNELIDA -- talk to me privately instead if you wish.  

Thanks, back to the annelids, and keep smiling :-)

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   Geoff Read <gread at>
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