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Thu Jan 18 21:37:18 EST 1996

Dear friends and collegues,

It has been 6 months since our meeting in Qingdao last summer.  I wish all of 
you enjoyed a nice Christmas holiday and have a prosperous 1996.

My lab was growing steadly in the last few months. At present, we have two 
postdoctoal fellows (Drs. Gosselin and Bryan), 2 research assistants (with MSc 
degree), three  postgraduate students, 3 undergraduates, one full time 
technician, and one visiting professor from Duke in the lab.  We will have two 
postdoc positions open starting from April 1996 for one year but with second 
year renewable.  

Postion one:  soft-bottom benthic ecologist: the person should have experience 
in field collection, sample sorting, taxonomy on soft bottom communities, and 
experimental design.  Major objective of research will be  on the effects of 
dredging and dredged spoil disposal on soft community structure in Hong Kong 
waters (recruitment, succession and funal composition).  The postdoc is 
expected to provide on site supervision to research assistants (instruct them 
how to collect and sort the samples) and to focus on science rather than survey 
itself.  He (she) will have oppourtunity to work with consultant industries and 
has potential job available in consultant industries in this region.

Postion two:  fouling and antifouling biologist:  The person is expected to 
team up with 3 research assistants to work on a new project which involves 
biologist, methmatician and engineer.   The project will be conducted on 
campus.  The person shall have experience in: fouling community, toxicity 
bioassay with marine larvae, and some knowledge on antifouling coating and 
natural products.

Salary and benifit:  Current payscale for postdoc here varies from 18,000 to 
25,000 Hong Kong dollars per month (1US$=7.72 Hong Kong dollars).  Medical 
insurance will also be provided.  

If anyone is interested, please send me your CV and names, fax number, and e-
mail addresses of two references.  If need more information, please contact me 
as soon as possible.

Pei-Yuan Qian
Assistant professor
Department of Biology
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
tel: 0852-2358-7331 (office), 0852-2358-7336 (lab)
Fax: 0852-2358-1559
E-mail:boqianpy at 

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