Amphinomid burns

Helmut Zibrowius hzibrowi at
Sat Jan 27 12:51:48 EST 1996

   Paul Schroeder's inquiry of Mon, 22 Jan 96 sounds Hermodice carunculata, 
said to be the same species from the West Indies through the Azores and 
Madeira to the easernmost Mediterranean (Lebanon and Israel).
   There is a story on a distinguished and well-known marine biologist, now 
retired. When he first came across H. carunculata on an expedition to the 
warmer eastern Mediterranean (species unknown near his lab), he wanted to 
collect that spectacular worm crawling around in shallow water. He was 
snorkeling, but unfortunately had no container or plastic bag at hand (may 
be it was even before plastic bags became a common thing). So he put it 
into his slip.
   In the same context: it may also not be advisable to transport Fierasfer 
the same way. During marine biology field courses keep your students 
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