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Wed Jan 31 16:28:40 EST 1996


I am a relatively new annelidophile. My area of specialty is in freshwater
crustacean aquaculture but I am diverting my attention to several very
interesting polychaetes that grow in abundance in our local estuaries.
Presently I are working with Australoneris ehlersii (commonly called the pod
worm). We have developed routine methods for spawning this critter and have
decided to look closely at its larval development and metamorphosis prior to
settling. As far as I am aware the life history of this species, along with
most of the others in the region, is poorly described. My problem at present
is that I have only a few old references regarding polychaete larval
development. I would  greatly appreciate any suggestions as to the
whereabouts of relevant material, particularly recent publications that
employ photographs to describe structures. 
Thanks in advance.     
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