Cornell Annelida Resources Web pages will be moving

Geoff Read at
Tue Jul 9 09:40:26 EST 1996

Hello folks,

I have recently been advised that the Biodiversity and Biological
Collections Web pages currently at the Cornell site will be moving, together with the MUSE
project, to a new home  at the University of Kansas Natural History

The latest news is that the move will be this coming weekend of July
13-14. The server will be offline from July 12-15. The new
address will be

Our annelid resources pages, which are hosted by courtesy  of
Julian Humphries and Muse, will be transferred also, and I'm hoping 
the transition will be a painless one.

I will post again when I know the exact new URL the annelid pages
will have and have tested them. At best guess it may be but I can't say for 
sure yet.

I have some more new material and hope to have it  up very shortly.
By the way  I would strongly suggest to those still without web
access that they should  do something about it real soon if possible. 

Regards to you all,


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