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Paulo da Cunha Lana lana at cem.ufpr.br
Wed Jul 17 18:06:06 EST 1996

First announcement and call for papers:
2-7 August 1998
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

E-mail address <IPC6 at cce.ufpr.br>

This is an e-mail version of the first announcement. It is also available
on the WWW, together with regular information updates on plans for the
Conference, with the addresses:

                   (Home page from August 1996 onwards) 

                   (Mirror & currently online)

You are invited to attend the Sixth International Polychaete Conference
to be held in Curitiba, Brazil from 2-7 August 1998. The conference is
sponsored by the International Polychaetology Association and hosted by
the Marine Studies Center (Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil). The
major topics in the conference will include polychaete diversity and
phylogeny, taxonomy and systematics, genetics and molecular biology,
evolutionary ecology, population and community ecology, and applied
research. The conference will include invited speakers in targeted
discussions, special symposia (polychaete phylogenetics and biogeography
/ comparative aspects of polychaete biology), oral presentation of
papers, and poster sessions. Invited speakers will present and discuss
the current status of polychaete and annelid research in order to
stimulate discussion on future directions of research. Short stays at
South American research institutions and field collecting trips to the
Brazilian southeastern coast can be organized just before or after the
conference, depending upon interest. A short course on polychaete ecology
and cladistics, including participants from the polychaete conference, is
also being planned by the Organizing Committee. Arrangements are being
made to publish the contributed papers or poster displays in the Bulletin
of Marine Science, which Dr. Donald J. Reish has kindly offered to edit.
All papers must be in English and will be subject to peer review.

Curitiba has about 1.5 million inhabitants and it is well known for its
low-cost solutions to urban problems (have a look at the March 1996 issue
of Scientific American for more information about the city). Located at
905 m above sea level, it has a temperate climate with average
temperatures ranging from 20 oC (68 oF) in the summer to 13 oC (55 oC) in
the winter. Temperatures can be as low as 2 oC during morning and evening.
Therefore, be prepared for a cold period in Curitiba. A well-known travel
guide to Brazil states that "there is not much [in Curitiba] for the
out-of-towner, but it is still possible to pass a pleasant day in a park,
museum and older neighborhood waiting for your bus or train to leave". I
would add: "... or attending a polychaete conference".

Chairman: Paulo da Cunha Lana, Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil 
(lana at aica.cem.ufpr.br or lana at cce.ufpr.br)

Co-conveners: Edmundo Ferraz Nonato (fax + 55 11 2103092), Universidade
de Sao Paulo, Brazil; Antonia Cecilia Z. Amaral
(camaral at obelix.unicamp.p.br), Universidade de Campinas; Eloisa Morgado
do Amar al, Universidade de Campinas; Jeanette Maron Ramos, Universidade
Santa Ursula; Arno Blankensteyn (absteyn at bio.ufpr.br), Universidade
Federal do Parana; Paulo Cesar Paiva, Universidade Federal do Rio de

Secretariat: Marcia Brandini, Mauricio Garcia de Camargo
(mcamargo at aica.cem.ufpr.br), Rosemary Aparecida Brogim
(rbrogim at aica.cem.ufpr.br) and Cinthya Simone Gomes Santos
(csgomes at aica.cem.ufpr.br)

The organizing committee is supported by the Zoology Department (UFPR),
Instituto Paranaense de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico
(IPARDES), Brazilian Society of Zoology, Brazilian Society of
Oceanography, Municipality of Curitiba, and a number of other Brazilian
universities. Likely co-sponsors will be the Brazilian National Research
Council (CNPq), and the Brazilian Ministry of Education (CAPES).

Kristian Fauchald (fauchald.kristian at nmnh.si.edu), Smithsonian 
Institution, USA

All the members of the Advisory Council of the International
Polychaetology Association, plus a group of invited South American

1 December 1996
Deadline for preliminary show of interest to attend 

April 1997 
Second circular, including abstract form for oral or poster presentation
and update information (to be sent only to those who have returned the
reply form included in this announcement)

1 September 1997
Booking of hotels and postconference excursions

1 February 1998
Submission of abstracts

1 May 1998
Notification of acceptance of contributed papers and posters

1 June 1998
Final circular and programme

7 August 1998
Submission of manuscripts for review and publication

US Dollars (USD) 220 including all conference materials, proceedings,
cocktail and coffee-breaks, and mid-conference tour. USD 140 for students
and USD 80 each for accompanying spouses, friends and children.

All sessions and meetings will be held in the Instituto Paranaense de
Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (IPARDES), located in Edificio
Castelo Branco, Centro Civico, downtown Curitiba. Two lecture rooms (82
and 312 people) and a number of smaller meeting rooms, will be available.
Both of the lecture rooms are provided with all conference facilities for
oral sessions, poster displays, etc. Other facilities (e-mail and WWW
access, fax, photocopies, etc.) will be available either at IPARDES or at
Universidade Federal do Parana.

English is the official language for the conference, both for oral
presentations and poster displays. No translation facilities will be
available. Details of the scientific program, registration and abstract
forms will be provided in the second announcement.

Afonso Pena International Airport is located within the Curitiba
Metropolitan region at about 18 kilometers from downtown. Several hotels
are located within 1-5 km from the conference venue. Current prices of
good hotels (three to four stars) vary from USD 50 to USD 90 per person
per day, breakfast included. Double rooms are available at lower prices
(USD 40 to USD 80 per room). A list of hotels, including also some
cheaper mid-range alternatives (prices from USD 30 to USD 50 per person),
will be provided in the second announcement. Practical information on
arrival, registration, and social activities (opening and closing
ceremonies, concerts, and banquet) will be provided in the second and
third announcements. 

The mid-conference tour will be a whole day visit to Serra do Mar (Mar
Mountain Range), and the coastal lowlands by train and bus (no charges to
participants). The 110-km railroad from Curitiba to the coast descends a
steep mountainside covered with a well-preserved Atlantic tropical
forest. It is the most exciting railroad in Brazil, with superb views.
After a filling lunch in the sleepy colonial town of Morretes, polychaete
collecting at nearby mangroves can be arranged, depending upon interest.

Two post-conferences tours will be organized upon demand: a) Iguacu
Falls/the Amazon or the Pantanal (5 days) and b) seaside resorts (Natal
and Fortaleza) of the northeastern Brazilian coast (5 days). Detailed
plans and the cost of excursions will be presented in the next
announcement and will depend on the number of participants. Other
excursions will be considered if there is the interest and demand. 

Please fill out the enclosed reply form and return it to me before 1
December 1996. E-mail, fax or letter will be accepted. The second
circular will be sent by April 1997. Titles of papers need not be final
at this time but will assist in planning. 

2-7 AUGUST 1998

REGISTRATION FORM (please type or print)

Surname/Family name: _________________________________
First name: __________________________________________
Work address: _______________________________________
Work phone (international version): + _____________________
Fax (international):  + ___________________  
Title of paper or poster (tentative): ________________________

____ oral or ______ poster presentation (please tick where appropriate)
Abstracts of papers must be submitted by 1 February, 1998

Excursions (tick where appropriate):
_______ Serra do Mar and mangrove (mid-conference)
_______ Iguacu Falls/the Amazon or Pantanal 
_______ Seaside resorts of the Brazilian northeastern coast
Other excursions (specify) __________________________________
Any accompanying person (s), not participating in symposium? ___
How many? __________
Would you accept to share rooms?  ______ yes    ______ no

Return this form by 1 December 1996 (or sooner) to:
Paulo da Cunha Lana - Sixth International Polychaete Conference
Centro de Estudos do Mar - Universidade Federal do Parana
Trav. Alfredo Bufren, 140 - Terreo
80 000-000 Curitiba - Parana - Brazil
Tel + 55 41 4551333
Fax + 55 41 4551105
E-mail: IPC6 at cce.ufpr.br or IPC6 at aica.cem.ufpr.br 

Please make this circular available, either printed or as an e-text,
together with the appended reply form, to other people interested in
polychaetes and related topics. About 1,000 printed folders will also be
posted to polychaete specialists, postgraduate students, universities and
research institutions worldwide. I will add your e-mail addresses to the
mailing list to facilitate regular information update on plans for the

Paulo da Cunha Lana  <lana at cem.ufpr.br>

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