bacteria/worm symbiosis-mucus chem.

Geoff Read at
Thu Jul 18 09:39:58 EST 1996

John K. Weaver wrote:
> The orbiniid worm I'm studing, Naineris dendritica, ingests
> alot of woody debris which occassionally cuts through and splits the
> body walls posteriorly. 

I presume this and the tangling filaments are not occurring just in
the unnatural situation in dishes where worms secreting mucus get
themselves into bad trouble when they can only partly anchor
themselves to the bottom. Tough stuff is mucus ...

> ... mucus envelopes within the rhizomes of the ...

... and in these southern parts we still prefer our envelopes of
mucus to be mucous envelopes secreted by mucous glands. Though why
that should be so I don't know.  :-)

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