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This book is new to me, but, no doubt, not to all :-)
I gather it arose out of a 1993 workshop (Big Sky).

Humphris, Susan E; Zierenberg, Robert A; Mulineaux, Lauren S;
Thomson, Richard E (Eds.) (1995):
Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems: Physical, Chemical, Biological, and
Geological Interactions. (Geophysical Monograph, 91.) American
Geophysical Union, Washington. (ISBN 0-87590-048-8)

Amongst others includes the more obviously relevant to Annelida of: 

Hessler,Robert R; Kaharl, Victoria (1995): The deep-sea hydrothermal vent 
community: an overview. p72-.

Juniper,S Kim; Sarrazin, Jozee (1995): Interaction of Vent Biota and 
Hydrothermal Deposits: Present evidence and Future Experimentation. p178-.

Mullineaux,Lauren S; France,Scott C (1995): Dispersal mechanisms of 
Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Fauna. p408-.

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