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I don't quite know what to make of this. An odd new slant in
self-publicising, although its effectiveness may be questionable. It's
from the newsgroup for new lists, and I feel compelled to help out by
exposing Annelidans to Dr Tacon's message. Currently the list membership
can be numbered on the fingers of one hand :^) GBR.

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ET-W7 on listserv at   Earthworms as fish food                 
   Mailing list for the discussion of the paper:                           
       The use of earthworms as a food for rainbow trout Salmo Gairdneri". 
   by Dr. Albert G.J. Tacon, Food and Agriculture                          
       Organization, Rome, Italy.                                          
   To obtain a reprint of the paper by air-mail, please send your          
       request with your postal address to: Dr. Albert Tacon               
           <albert.tacon at>.                                         
   This paper may be available in your library in C.A. Edwards and         
       E.F. Neuhauser (eds). 1988. Earthworms in waste and                 
           environmental management. Pages 193-208. Academic Publishing,   
               The Netherlands.                                            

As the use of earthworms in solid waste disposal and treatment is      
on the increasing, earthworms will become a by-product which has   
several potential uses. It has been used as a source of protein in        
animal feeds for chickens, pigs, mice and fish and some   
organizations and research institutions have studied this                 
extensively. This research paper reports the nutritional value of 5     
species of earthworms as feed for rainbow trout.                      
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