Sources for polychaete ecology

Aaron Baldwin jscat1 at
Fri Jun 14 02:18:54 EST 1996

This is my first post here, and probably not my last. I am working as a 
tech on a project studying macro-invertebrates from benthic samples 
from Southeasr Alaska. The vast majority of inverts we are finding are 
polychaetes. We are getting, on average, about 30 species of polychaete 
per sample (samples were sieved through 500 um mesh). We are counting 
the numbers of each species. Part of my job is to identify and search 
the literature for ecological information about the most common and/or 
the important species we are finding. We would appreciate any 
reproductive, predator/prey, larval settlement, etc information about  
the following of our top ten most common species or families: 
Mediomastus californiensis (Fam. Capitellidae), Myriochele oculata (Fam. 
Oweniidae), Nephtys cf. cornuta (Fam. Nephtyidae), Prionospio sp. (Fam. 
Spionidae), Lumbrineris luti (Fam. Lumbrineridae), Tenonia priops (Fam. 
Polynoidae), Magelona berkeleyi (Fam. Magelonidae), Glycera tenuis (Fam. 
Glyceridae), Nereis sp. (Fam. Nereidae), and Polydora cardalia (Fam 
Spionidae). I realize that many of these species (as well as the 90+ 
more that are not in our top ten) are not very well known. Information 
on other species in these families would be helpfull. Thanks in advance- 

 [Aaron Baldwin <jscat1 at>]

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